Have you been using traditional ways of managing your business as well as managing your customers? Keeping a record of transactions and trying to remember the preferences of every customer. Is that not a daunting task?

So how do large organizations manage their businesses?

It’s simple – they invest in tools or software that help them to run their businesses smoothly. Digital tools such as POS Software (Point of Sale) and CRM are the essential tools that most business organizations invest in.  

Even if you have a small retail outlet, you too can invest in POS software that is reasonably priced. CRM enabled POS software is the best tool to invest in the current digital age. It is a good investment as it will help you to save on two significant resources – time and money.

Consider a few benefits of CRM enabled POS system:

Know Your Customer Better

We all will agree that the “Customer is the King”. Knowing your customer better- is one of the most important things that you need to do as a retail business owner. CRM enabled POS system becomes critical for you since the data that is collected from such a POS set-up will help you to understand what the customer needs. With a CRM enabled POS solution (such as Posible ERP solution – leading POS system in India), you can provide the right services, products and discounts/offers based on your customer’s habits. This will help you have not just a satisfied customer but a happy customer, resulting in future repeat sales at your store.

Creates Brand Loyalty

Building brand loyalty is one of the most difficult tasks for any business. However, with CRM enabled POS in place this task will no longer seem daunting to you. The software collects the required information about the customer right at the point-of-sale. Hence you have data from every customer, at all times. Based on the data collected, POS systems help you create loyalty programs like gift cards program, anniversary discount offers, and rewards. You will have the entire customer profile at your fingertips. It will also help you create automated marketing campaigns based on the spending habits of the customer.

Connects Your Front Counter With Your Back Office

CRM enabled POS systems help you to save on time and money by completely automating the backend processes. Such a system auto-generates sales data of every customer and also assists in creating timely sales reports. All this can be done right at the POS terminal. It supports you in creating customer records, generates sales report or creates a new target list of customers without any glitch.

Data Management

With many customers visiting your store, a lot of data is generated. Managing such a huge amount of data can be quite a task since it can very easily create confusion. However, with CRM enabled POS, the hassles of data management is easily taken care off. An able tool such as the leading CRM in India, Posible software integrates all customer data along with the interdepartmental data automatically at once place. Hence, it cuts down your time for finding information and drawing insights.  

Quicker and Improved Customer Service Experience

With CRM enabled POS, the sales person has information about the regular customers at their fingertips. Thus, your sales staff will be able to provide quicker and better service to your customers. This results in repeat business generating higher sales.

Our cloud-based CRM enabled POS tool, Posible gathers and analyzes valuable data leading to insightful business decisions and strategic planning. To know more about the amazing features of Posible; click here.