The beauty and wellness sector in India is expected to touch 20 bn dollars by 2025. Still largely unorganized, the growth of this sector has been attributed to increased awareness about beauty and beauty products, rise in disposable incomes and spends on lifestyle needs, and surge in the number of women in the workforce, among others. Estimates place the number of salons and spas at anywhere between 10 – 12 mn, though the actual number is likely much more abundant than this.


Naturally, competition is stiff! While you can take measures to fight competition, there’s one tactic that will directly impact your revenue – salon software. These spas & salons erp solutions (or POS solutions) are cloud-based platforms with features like appointment scheduling, online booking, GST enabled billing, customer relationship management, reports management, employee performance tracking, etc.


Below, we have listed the three main benefits of a salon software that can help you grow your business.


1. Increased Efficiency- Save Time and Money

All your information is in one place and is easily accessible from anywhere. Save time and money on daily operations like filling and taking appointments in a notebook and tracking payments in an excel sheet. Instead, schedule appointments online, send appointment reminders to avoid no-shows, and track your business’ revenue, profitability, and growth from anywhere. It’s all in the cloud!


2. Aid in Decision Making

You don’t have to be scared of numbers and statistics anymore. These cloud-based spa & salon ERP software solutions provide a vast range of reports and statistics out-of-the-box, that have already been analyzed for you. With a wide range of filters and variables, you can drill-down to the bottom of your operations to identify consumer trends and problem areas that need your attention.


3. Improved Customer Service

Increase the number of repeat businesses and customers with the use of automated loyalty programs. Identify customers to target for specific deals based on profile and behavioral criteria. Such erp software are effective salon pos solutions and are able to capture customer information at the point of sale easily with the option to send them an email receipt. You can create comprehensive customer profiles and run automated campaigns based on spending habits, age, gender, demographic, and special occasions.

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