Congratulations! Finally, your dream to open a restaurant has come true! You have chosen the right cuisine and hired the right staff to ensure the place runs smoothly. You have the right kind of kitchen equipment. The location, décor, and ambience are also perfect. You have ensured to create the right kind of promotion.

Everything looks perfect and exciting! There would be just one more thing for you to pay a little attention to and that is the billing software. In India, people use all kinds of payment modes and it is important that your restaurant software is able to handle one and all. No wonder it is very important to invest in the right POS (point-of-sale) software and not just any simple billing software.

An efficient POS system will not only ensure proper billing and maintenance of all financial records; it will also do plenty of other things to help you manage the operations of your restaurant without any glitch.

So, how do we go about selecting a POS software solution that is right for your restaurant business? Well, answers to the following 4 questions will help you choose the right POS for your restaurant.

1. What are your restaurant’s POS solution needs?

Ensure that you understand the point-of-sale solution needs of your restaurant before you invest in the right POS solution. The fact being, the needs of a café is different from that of a fine dining restaurant. Some key factors for you to judge the needs would be GST billing capability, Invoicing simplicity, Reporting format, Dashboards and amount of information that the solution can give you about your POS entries. Judge different POS solutions on these parameters.

2. Do you plan to expand your restaurant or have multiple locations?

It’s a good idea to invest in a POS system that has great adaptability and scalability features if you have plans to expand your business. You will need a POS device to accommodate multi-store management. For this, you will need a POS system that offers multi-store management features along with built-in training to ensure your staff is equipped to use it efficiently.

3. Does your restaurant have a fixed menu or a flexible menu?

If your restaurant has a fixed menu, you can relax. However, if your restaurant rotates the menu on a weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis, then you need to pick a POS system that offers your menu flexibility. This way it ensures that your customers can choose from special items on the menu and it is easier to take orders.

4. Are you keen to create a loyal customer base?

For the success of your restaurant, having a loyal customer base is very important. If your restaurant location is in a local neighbourhood, you will have regular customers. If the location is close to city limits, your customer base will be different.

If providing a unique experience to your customers is on your cards, then you would require a restaurant POS system with built-in loyalty features. It will help you create personalized experiences based on customer history.

Top restaurants always invest in POS systems which help their business grow. There are non-negotiable features that make a restaurant POS software one of its kind. Here are a few of them:

  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Data Management
  • Loyalty Features (Sending across Offers, Discount Coupons, etc.)

To think of it, you need a POS system that assists you in measuring your restaurant sales on periodical basis to enhance your growth. You can easily tap into the details and have an updated report about labour costs, food costs, and sales made by the restaurant staff.

In short, you need a capable ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software with a powerful POS capability. Answer the above questions and you should be able to figure out as which restaurant software is the best for you.

Posible is one such cloud-based ERP solution that gives you all this and more. Contact us to know more