In the age of technology, retail as a business, is evolving every day. No wonder then, to stay competitive, you need to upgrade your business solutions. A top-grade POS cum ERP solution is one such business solution that you must have to ensure that you minimize the efforts in managing your retail business and maximize the revenue by growing your business. Posible is just right for you if you are looking to invest in an ideal POS for your business. Posible is more than a regular POS software, it is, in fact, an advanced retail ERP solution designed to address all point-of-sale software requirements for any retail store.

Here’s why:

Inventory Management

Posible retail software gives you the ease of real-time inventory management.  When the product barcode is scanned, the POS system automatically does the inventory tally and updates you. It warns you when the inventory is too low, or a product is popular and in high demand. This feature helps you to create a purchase order and stock your inventory in time.

Cloud-Based Solution

Posible app is a cloud-based solution, offering more security against fraud and can function in real-time across multiple locations. It also allows a retail manager to access employee sales numbers, customer metrics, and outlet’s profitability from anywhere via an internet connection.

Employee and Customer Friendly

With Posible app, you or your staff can also retrieve detailed product information for customers in real-time. No need to run back to the storeroom to check colours, measurements or availability. All that information is available to the sales staff on the floor. You can also check inventory for your other outlets with Posible. It saves time and helps you to serve the customers better.

Posible app interface is simple, intuitive and designed for ease of use. Your employees will love using it! It also helps you create a customer loyalty program with ease and cut down waiting time in checkout lines.

Analytics and Reports

Posible app automatically collects data and generates essential reports based on sales numbers or customer loyalty. You can use these parameters to make better decisions about product placement, re-ordering, and loyalty programs. The more data you have, more informed choices you will make. The advantage of Posible is that it does the cumbersome task of gathering the data and doing a basic analysis for you.

Need something more exclusive or customized? We at Posible are focused to help retailers have a POS that performs for them. Our team will work with you to create a personalized system that best fits your unique business requirements. To know more, write to us.