The cloud-based POS (Point of Sale) systems are gaining acceptance among retailers and are being adopted by the retail industry. These modern-day cloud POS systems come loaded with multiple features, helpful in managing both payments and stores. The most preferred features are inventory management, GST enabled billing, customer relationship management, employee tracking & performance, reporting, and customer loyalty programs. Many of the high-end cloud POS solutions also support multi-store management.

While many retailers or retail stores have happily adopted POS as a viable solution, there are still many who are wary of such POS solutions/systems. This is also because there are many rumors and myths about POS solutions doing rounds in the market, creating fear among potential users about its safety and effectiveness. Here are some myths about cloud-based POS System that you need to ignore if you are about to decide on whether to make an investment in a POS solution for your business or not:


  1. POS systems are expensive

POS systems come with a variety of functions. The cost of a POS solution varies according to the service/features that you select. POS solutions require only a one-time investment and save money in the long run of the business. The cost of hiring people to handle the business activities manually would cost more than purchasing a POS solution to do the same work. POS software provides data analytics and detailed insights about the business, allowing retailers to identify gaps and figure out opportunities to scale their business.

  1. POS systems are complicated

Posible’s POS systems are designed to be as easy as possible. The app has a user-friendly interface, is packed with features and comes with all basic reports and dashboards out-of-the-box. Clean designs aid users to work faster, reduce error, and minimize training. One can easily learn and gain the skills to operate the system with basic training. These POS systems are also suitable for working offline.

  1. POS systems are not suitable for all businesses

Posible’s POS systems are suitable for all kinds of businesses. You can customize the Point-of-Sale according to your business needs. POS systems not only help you manage day-to-day sales and inventory but also help you grow your businesses by providing easily actionable business insights. You can effectively manage an entire organization with just one POS system.

  1. Data is not safe in any POS system

This is not true if you choose the right service provider. Most providers have extensive information about their data security protocols, which do a very good job of protecting confidential data. A cloud-based POS system is password protected and can be accessed through internet connectivity from any device anywhere. There is no need to worry about data loss, theft, or hardware damage, thereby reducing the risk of losing vital data.

  1. POS applications are only used for billing

POS systems often come with inventory management, account management, track sales, order processing, and many other features besides billing. The extent of the feature set varies from company to company, but most POS systems do a great job at automating and simplifying your retail operations with access to real-time data.

Still wondering if a POS solution is for your business? Here is a list of questions you can ask yourself before buying any POS solution.